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Ghost busters by honeythehedgehog-cx Ghost busters :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 Engineering... by honeythehedgehog-cx Engineering... :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 1 Video games in real world by honeythehedgehog-cx Video games in real world :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 space invaders: the truth by honeythehedgehog-cx space invaders: the truth :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 2 X-ray... by honeythehedgehog-cx X-ray... :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 yetis. by honeythehedgehog-cx yetis. :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 think with portals by honeythehedgehog-cx think with portals :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 Video Games by honeythehedgehog-cx Video Games :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 1 0 Burn by honeythehedgehog-cx Burn :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 SCIENCE! by honeythehedgehog-cx SCIENCE! :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 2 0 the moments... by honeythehedgehog-cx the moments... :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 the incredible art of ruin a picture by honeythehedgehog-cx the incredible art of ruin a picture :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 4 1 save the precious by honeythehedgehog-cx save the precious :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 0 0 bad guy... by honeythehedgehog-cx bad guy... :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 2 0 aw yeah by honeythehedgehog-cx aw yeah :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 1 1 normally game of minesweeper in windows. by honeythehedgehog-cx normally game of minesweeper in windows. :iconhoneythehedgehog-cx:honeythehedgehog-cx 1 2


Color your world ::SonAmy one-shot::
Everything went white.
It was so blinding, like a never ending flash that felt unrealistic. I was burning hot and freezing cold at the same time, and felt...strange..
After what felt like forever, I found myself laying on my right side against a floor. Everything around me was white, like the flash, but not as bright. Slowly, I brought myself to my feet, and dusted myself off, then looked down, then up.
Where...where am I? I thought to myself. I looked at my hands, then down at my shoes. I was still me, normal.
I tried thinking back, what just happened...? I...Am I dead? I turned around and saw something in the distance. I'm not sure what it is, but start walking towards it. I could have ran, but..I didn't want to. I kept my pace slow, and tried to make out the figure in the distance.
As I did this, I also tried to remember entirely what happened.
I...I was with Tails and Amy...I think...Knuckles was there...We...we were fighting Eggman again, at his new base...ah, and
:iconfkandfriends:FKandFriends 48 12
How Sonic Generations Should Have Ended
(After another adventure and a double defeat of dr.eggman \ Robotnik)
Sonic and his friends were at the birthday party with classic Sonic and Classic Tails.
Soon as the modern Sonic and classic Sonic would have to say goodbye
Modern Sonic: Hey Sonic, Enjoy Your Future, it's going to be Great!
Amy suddenly gives a passionate kiss in Sonic, which seems to go into trance
Amy: because I am your girlfriend
Classic Sonic: what is your name?
Amy: my name is Amy Rose
Classic Sonic take a last look at Modern Sonic being kissed by Amy and see that he will like
Classic Sonic and Classic Tails back to their own time
Classic Tails: looks like you'll have a very happy future with a girlfriend
Classic Amy suddenly appearing on
Classic Amy: Sonnniiiiic
Classic Sonic kiss Classic Amy
Classic Amy: why you kiss me?
Classic Sonic: because I see my future, my future is to be with you
Classic Amy: oh Sonic!
Classic Sonic: oh Amy!
They kiss again
(20 years in the future with Sonic, Superman and Batman in a c
:iconlaqb:laqb 8 19
Sonamy Together forever
Okay ill shut up 83 Lovely beginning! 8D XDDD Enjoyness 83
Sonic: 18
Amy: 15
It was a sunny summer day in Station Square and a blue hedgehog ran down on the streets, and it seemed like he was looking for someone.
He ran through the park and then he stopped in front of a pink hedgehog who sat on a bench half asleep.
Sonic carefully walked to her, and then he sat beside her. He looked at her and tried to wake her up. ’’ Hey Ames? You awake? ’’ Suddenly she laid her head on his shoulder and mumbled something about him. ’’ No… Sonic … don’t… steal… my pancakes’’
When he heard that he started to laugh, Amy could feel her head going up and down by his laugh and then she woke up.
‘’ Huh…? ‘’ She looked up at him and then a smile came across her face. ‘’ You came! ‘’ She gave him a tight hug and he only smiled and hugged her back. She let
:iconanimalheart:Animalheart 87 36
Sonamy: I wanna be with you
Sonamy: I wanna be with you
A story written by Hannahlikesmusic
The night was cold and full of fear to walk down alone, a shattered soul broke those two things as a cry ran down the road. Amy Rose, a cool, hip and sweet girl ran down the road; she was crying her eyes out and only wanted to go home. She was in pain and was feeling horrid as the rain fell. She had never been this upset. Only moments ago, she was with Sonic. They were in a battle with the fat evil genius Dr. Eggman. She was near a certain death and Eggman was threatening Sonic that he would kill her. Sonic shrugged at this and said to him...
Sonic: I don't care about her. Why would you ever feel that?
Her response was shock.
Amy: Sonic! How could you say that!? I can't believe you! You- you said we were...
Sonic: I lied... okay; I only went with you as the guys said that I was too mean to you.
Amy: You bastard! How could you do this to me?
Sonic: I'm sorry Amy... We're over.
Amy then ran off in tears, leaving Sonic where
:iconhannahlikesmusic:Hannahlikesmusic 169 89
One little push was enough... by LaDenny One little push was enough... :iconladenny:LaDenny 456 145 Meeting the Werehog pg. 17 by Mitzy-Chan Meeting the Werehog pg. 17 :iconmitzy-chan:Mitzy-Chan 364 150 Wouldn't Mind Painting -FULL- by shazam26 Wouldn't Mind Painting -FULL- :iconshazam26:shazam26 423 159 Funny by wasd591 Funny :iconwasd591:wasd591 933 0 funny by Manice008 funny :iconmanice008:Manice008 2,477 948 Honey the Cat and Mr Yen by Trakker Honey the Cat and Mr Yen :icontrakker:Trakker 125 52 Honey Inflation by Honeythecat-club Honey Inflation :iconhoneythecat-club:Honeythecat-club 136 43 Honey the Cat by Trakker Honey the Cat :icontrakker:Trakker 1,042 246


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crazy creature. I prefer be referenced like a alien cause I am not like most humans. yay... :/
I like being alien. we can do what we love. be crazy.
just  a quote.

utopia is like the horizon line.
you move 3 steps closer, but it moves 3 steps away.
you run 10 steps closer, and it runs 10 steps away.
so what's the purpose of utopia?
to to make you keep walking.


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